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Welcome to Oasis Patios, a premier and Patio Company in Sugar Land, TX – With over 25 years of experience, our team is transforming outdoor spaces into a haven of sophistication and comfort.

From cozy retreats to spacious entertainment areas, we’re here to make your outdoor living dreams a reality. Trust Oasis Patios for top-quality design and installation, where every detail is crafted with your satisfaction in mind. Our team of skilled professionals at Oasis Patios is dedicated to bringing your vision to life, ensuring that every detail reflects your unique style.

Choose Oasis Patios for an unparalleled experience, where precision meets passion, and your outdoor oasis becomes a reality. Elevate your living space with our Glass Patio Covers today!

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Patio Company in Sugar Land, TX

If you’re considering an addition or upgrade to your outdoor living space, a glass patio cover or enclosure deserves strong consideration. Unlike a traditional solid patio cover, an enclosed patio with glass panels and doors provides greater versatility, aesthetic appeal, and enjoyment. This is where our patio company in Sugar Land, TX can help. 

As a premier patio company serving Sugar Land, TX, we have installed countless gorgeous glass-covered patios and enclosures that transform yards into functional, eye-catching outdoor rooms. Read on as we explore the many advantages of choosing glass over a basic solid roof to cover your patio area.

Garden Glass Patio Covers in Tomball Texas by Oasis Patios
Retractable Patio Covers – Patio Company in Sugar Land, TX

Beauty and Natural Light From a Patio Company in Sugar Land, TX

Arguably the greatest benefit provided by a glass covered or enclosed patio is the beauty, openness, and natural light it allows. Crystal clear glass panels, doors, and skylights enable homeowners to better appreciate surroundings while blocking harsh weather when desired. When open, glass patios feel like a seamless extension of yards and gardens.

When closed, transparency maintains outward views. This contrasts starkly with solid roof patio covers that block natural sunlight and obscure surroundings. With glass covers and enclosures, you can enjoy Mother Nature’s splendor in unmatched comfort. Our patio cover company in Sugar Land, TX can help you with experiencing this benefit. 

Best Garden Glass Patio Cover in Tomball TX by Oasis Patios
Custom Patio Cover Company in Sugar Land, TX

Versatile Protection from Weather

While an open patio design has aesthetic appeal, exposure to the elements severely limits usable times in Texas’s climate. Extreme heat, cold, rain, wind, pollen, and insects often drive Sugar Landers back indoors. A major advantage of glass covered and enclosed patios is providing versatile protection from problematic weather.

Glass panels slide smoothly to enclose the space when needed or open fully when conditions allow. If rain comes while entertaining, simply slide the waterproof glass roof and panels closed at your control. Enjoy enhanced comfort and usability compared to open patios vulnerable to the elements.

Expanded Living Space in Sugar Land, TX 

Beyond better weather protection, glass covered and enclosed patios essentially create valuable new living space. The ability to repel nature’s annoyances while allowing desired access enables comfortable furnishing and practical use of the patio nearly year-round in Sugar Land. Installing features like fans, lighting, carpeting, electricity, and even climate control transforms the patio into a seamlessly integrated extension of interior rooms. 

Best Garden Glass Patio Top in Tomball TX by Oasis Patios
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Treat the glass enclosed area like any other room, tailoring its setup to your family’s needs and tastes. When well-designed, glass covered patios feel so naturally connected, you may even forget you’re outside!

Lower Maintenance Needs

One of the main reasons why people call our patio enclosure company in Sugar Land, TX is due to low maintenance needs. While a major goal of covered patios is protecting what’s underneath them, traditional solid roof structures still allow moisture, leaves, pollen, and other contaminants to gather on top surfaces. Over time this leads to unattractive staining, corrosion, mold development and other maintenance headaches. Glass covered patios present much smoother, sloped surfaces where rainfall and debris easily wash away. 

Their water-resistant nature also eliminates concerns over leaks, rot, moisture damage and associated repairs. Keeping your glass patio cover spotless requires mere occasional hosing downs.

Extra Security and Privacy

Glass patio covers and enclosures provide the additional benefit of heightened security and privacy compared to open decks and porches. Clear panels allow homeowners to monitor surroundings from inside while preventing easy access from the outside when locked. Solid perimeter foundation walls and secured entry doors function like any other room door and windows.

Best Glass Patio Covers in Tomball Texas by Oasis Patios
Glass Patio Covers

We are your trusted patio cover contractor in Sugar Land, TX to help you with getting such a patio. Strategic privacy window films can also be installed if desired to obstruct outward visibility. Unlike open areas, possessions and activities are protected from unwanted eyes behind the see-through yet effective barrier glass enclosures create when secured.

Superior Strength and Safety

Some consumers assume glass structural elements seem flimsy or prone to damage from extreme weather, falling debris or other impacts. However, today’s tempered safety glass used in modern patio covers and enclosures boasts incredible resilience and load capacity. 

Properly engineered glass structures meet the most stringent building codes for wind, snow, seismic and live loads. The glass itself can absorb immense impact without failure due to shards holding together when shattered. With routine maintenance like any other building component, glass patio additions stand the test of time and use when properly constructed.

Increase home value with our patio company in Sugar Land, TX 

An often overlooked but meaningful upside to installing a custom glass covered or enclosed patio is increased resale value. Not only does this type of upgrade look fantastic, its versatility and enjoyment enhancements are attributed to most homebuyer’s desire. 

Done right, a glass patio addition recoups over 80% of its cost in increased home sale prices. Even if not selling soon, your family benefits from better backyard living until you do. The investment pays daily dividends until realizing cash at resale. Make sure your next patio upgrade earns its keep with long lasting beauty, functionality and value enhancement of an integrated glass cover or enclosure.

Garden Glass Patio Cover in Tomball Texas by Oasis Patios
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Continuous Enjoyment Through the Seasons

One final advantage to having an upgraded glass covered or enclosed patio is the ability to enjoy it regardless of the season. Summers in Texas bring welcoming backyard barbeques and pool parties. Our glass enclosures allow you to continue the fun into the evening with protection from chill and mosquitos. 

When winter arrives, sides fold down to soak up breezy sunny days in the cool weather. Open flame heaters and blankets then allow comfortable use on nippy nights. And even during stormy spring weather, the glass roof and panels slide closed to stay dry while the sublime ambiance and views remain. Upgrade to a versatile glass patio cover or enclosure that fosters year-round memories.

Trust the Best Patio Company in Sugar Land, TX  

Now that you better appreciate what makes glass patio covers and enclosures so special, call us to start planning your own. With years as premier patio designers and installers in Sugar Land, Texas, no company surpasses our expertise with outdoor living upgrades. We handle your entire glass patio addition from permits and demolition to custom construction and finish work. 

All workmanship and building components have guaranteed warranties for your peace of mind. Discover firsthand the lifestyle enhancements possible when working with Sugar Land’s #1 rated patio company. Our glass covered and enclosed designs define backyard luxury focused on your unique needs, tastes, and budget.

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3 Reasons For Choosing:

Patio Company in Sugar Land, TX

Oasis Patios can provide insights into the benefits of their services and the suitability of glass patio covers for individual needs.


Weather Resistance

Glass patio covers offer superior protection against the elements. They provide shade during hot, sunny and even rainy days, allowing clients to enjoy their outdoor space comfortably. Reach out and let's start!


Clear Aesthetic Appeal

They create a modern look that complement various architectural styles. The transparency of glass allows for views of the surrounding landscape, making the outdoor area feel open.


Year-Round Usability

It acts as a buffer against both the heat of the Texas sun and occasional rainfall. This means you can use the patios for gatherings, relaxation, or other activities even during any season.

Custom Patio Cover Benefits Nearby

Glass Patio Covers are better than conventional patio covers like, wood, pergolas and more – why?

Natural Light

Custom patio covers by Oasis Patios allow natural light to filter through, creating a bright and airy outdoor space. This is beneficial if you want to maintain enjoy the sunlight.

Aesthetic Appeal

Glass has a modern and elegant appearance that can enhance the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space. It provides a sleek and contemporary look that complements any style.


Glass allows for unobstructed views of the surrounding environment. If you have a beautiful garden, landscape, or scenic view, a glass patio cover enables you to enjoy it without visual barriers.


High-quality tempered glass used in patio covers is durable and can withstand various weather conditions. It is resistant to rot, pests, and decay, and anything else – we guarantee it!

Low Maintenance

Glass is relatively easy to clean and maintain compared to wood. It doesn't require regular staining or painting, and it is less prone to issues like warping, cracking, or splitting.

Temperature Control

Glass patio covers can help regulate temperature by trapping heat during cooler weather and allowing ventilation during warmer seasons as some options come with UV protection.

Contemporary Design

It offers a wide range of design possibilities for those looking to achieve a modern or contemporary outdoor space. Go frameless or minimalistic for a sleek and sophisticated look.

Energy Efficiency

Designed with energy-efficient features, it helps by reducing heat transfer, keeping the covered area cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, a huge energy Get a FREE quote today!


When properly maintained, glass patio covers by Oasis Patios can have a longer lifespan than some wood options. Glass does not deteriorate over time like wood can - Let's start your custom project.