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Patio Company in Seabrook, TX

Our mission is to build incredible living spaces, Oasis Patios is your Patio Company in Seabrook, TX

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We're The Experts, Your Patio Company in Seabrook, TX

Welcome to Oasis Patios, a premier and Patio Company in Seabrook, TX – With over 25 years of experience, our team is transforming outdoor spaces into a haven of sophistication and comfort.

From cozy retreats to spacious entertainment areas, we’re here to make your outdoor living dreams a reality. Trust Oasis Patios for top-quality design and installation, where every detail is crafted with your satisfaction in mind. Our team of skilled professionals at Oasis Patios is dedicated to bringing your vision to life, ensuring that every detail reflects your unique style.

Choose Oasis Patios for an unparalleled experience, where precision meets passion, and your outdoor oasis becomes a reality. Elevate your living space with our Glass Patio Covers today!

Give Your Backyard or Outdoors a New Look by Hiring a…

Patio Company in Seabrook, TX

Are you looking for the best patio company in Seabrook, TX? Then you are in the right place. We have more than 25 years of experience in designing and building beautiful custom patios, decks and outdoor living spaces, Oasis Patios has become Seabrook’s premier patio construction company.

We specialize in creating custom patios that perfectly suit the vision of each unique homeowner. Our expertise in combining form and function allows us to build patio spaces that not only look amazing, but also enhance your lifestyle.

Best Garden Glass Patio Top in Tomball TX by Oasis Patios
Garden Glass Patio Cover – Seabrook, Texas

From small backyard patios to lavish outdoor living rooms and entertainment spaces, our custom patio team has the skills and imagination to construct your ideal outdoor oasis in Seabrook. We use only the highest quality materials so that your custom patio will last for decades of family gatherings, parties with friends, or quite nights relaxing at home.

You can trust us as your patio cover contractor in Seabrook, TX and we will never disappoint you. 

Custom Patio Company in Seabrook, TX

As Seabrook’s leading custom patio builder, Oasis Patios has spent years perfecting our craft so that we can expertly guide clients through the patio design and construction process. We handle your entire custom patio project from initial 3D design conceptualization to final construction and inspection.

Our seamless process enables us to transform our backyard visions into reality.

Our design experts first meet with you to discern your patio style preferences, intended uses for the space, and to measure the parameters of your yard. We then craft professional 3D concept drawings in order for you to visualize various options hands-on.

Best Garden Glass Patio Cover in Tomball TX by Oasis Patios
Outdoor Living – Patio Company in Seabrook, TX

This allows us to incorporate your feedback into an optimal layout and material selection before construction ever begins.

Once we finalize plans, our veteran construction team gets to work. This is where our patio company in Seabrook, TX can showcase our expertise. We possess master skills in the most popular patio building materials such as natural stone, brick, concrete, pavers, flagstone, tiles, and composite decking.

Our properly licensed and insured crew handles the complete patio installation process including any necessary demolition, grading, foundation prep, drainage considerations, framing, finishing, lighting, accessories and more. We also coordinate any needed city permits.

Glass Patio Covers vs Conventional Patios

Glass patio covers and conventional open-air patios each offer their own sets of advantages and disadvantages when considering an investment in new or upgraded backyard living space. If you are convinced, you can contact us as your patio enclosure company in Seabrook, TX

Garden Glass Patio Covers in Tomball Texas by Oasis Patios
Glass Patio Covers With Shades – Seabrook, Texas
Glass Patio Covers

Here are the PROS about getting a Glass Patio Cover in Seabrook in your backyard:

1) Provide shade and protection from rain, wind, and the intense Texas sun.
2) Enables use of the patio during more months out of the year.
3) Allow natural light to penetrate, preventing a dark and cave-like feel.
4) Properly installed glass roofs are designed not to leak.
5) Glass panels come in clear and tinted options.
6) Tints block harsh rays to keep covered areas cooler.
7) Adds visual height and volume to patio spaces.
8) Makes spaces feel more open and less boxed-in.

Glass Patio Covers CONS:

1) Higher investment upfront, higher than open patio construction.
2) Periodic cleaning required for glass panels.
3) Some glass types are self-cleaning to assist with maintenance.

Garden Glass Patio Covers in Tomball Texas by Oasis Patio
Mother under glass patio having breakfast in Seabrook, TX
Conventional Open-Air Patios

PROS About Conventional Patios:

1) Less expensive to build than covered designs.
2) Great budget-friendly backyard living option.
3) Feel open, free, and integrally connected to the outdoors.
4) Allow you to gauge appropriateness for use at any given time.
5) Less extreme rain, heat and wind than entirely covered patios.
6) Easy to decorate, light and accessorize given they have no roof barriers.
7) Creative freedom thrives with structure-free spaces.

Conventional Patio Covers CONS:

1) Exposure to all weather extremes without buffers provided by covers.
2) Can limit use during periods of intense sunshine or extreme winds.
3) Require above-structure cover (overhang, trellis, awning) for protection.
4) This visually segments the openness.
5) Night time lighting is required since there is no ambient daylight exposure.
6) Noise pollution is more impactful without barriers absorbing sound waves.

Why Should You Work with a Custom Patio Company in Seabrook?

Here are the top reasons why hiring a professional custom patio cover contractor in Seabrook, TX like Oasis Patios is your best strategy when investing in new or upgraded backyard living space in Seabrook:

Custom Design Experience – We possess the skills, aesthetic talents, and engineering know-how to conceptualize a layout perfect for your property dimensions and vision. No more guessing if what you picture in your mind will actually fit and function in reality.

Material Expertise – Our team understands intrinsically which materials work best for patios based on factors like usage, weather conditions, soil types, longevity goals and visual appeal. We guide you expertly on material options so that you make informed, sustainable choices.

Save Money – While DIY patios seem like an easy way save money upfront, they often result in costly fixes down the road from improper construction and finishing methods. Our patio cover company in Seabrook, TX builds right the first time so that your investment stands the test of time.

Aluminum Patio Covers by Oasis Patios in Tomball TX
Glass Patio Cover in Seabrook, TX

Access to Quality Materials – Professional patio companies like Oasis Patios possess wholesale trade accounts with industry leading suppliers. This allows us to access higher grade construction goods for less cost. We pass the savings directly on to you.

Correct Process – There are essential steps in safe, sturdy patio construction that amateur DIYers often shortcut. From grading, soil compression, foundation integrity, and framing to metropolis code compliance, our team adhere to proven building methodologies so that your new patio never compromises structural soundness.

Warranties & Protection – All work performed by Oasis Patios comes backed by industry-standard warranties and liability insurance. This protects your investment against defects while also safeguarding your property should any unlikely construction incidents occur. You can always rely on our patio company in Seabrook, TX

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Our backyard living space artisans would love to turn your patio dreams into reality here in Seabrook.

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Our custom craftsmanship speaks volumes through the many gorgeous patios we have built over years for local homeowners. We aim to deliver the very same superb result for you too.

You dream it. We build it. Your Oasis Awaits!

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3 Reasons For Choosing:

Patio Company in Seabrook, TX

Oasis Patios can provide insights into the benefits of their services and the suitability of glass patio covers for individual needs.


Weather Resistance

Glass patio covers offer superior protection against the elements. They provide shade during hot, sunny and even rainy days, allowing clients to enjoy their outdoor space comfortably. Reach out and let's start!


Clear Aesthetic Appeal

They create a modern look that complement various architectural styles. The transparency of glass allows for views of the surrounding landscape, making the outdoor area feel open.


Year-Round Usability

It acts as a buffer against both the heat of the Texas sun and occasional rainfall. This means you can use the patios for gatherings, relaxation, or other activities even during any season.

Custom Patio Cover Benefits Nearby

Glass Patio Covers are better than conventional patio covers like, wood, pergolas and more – why?

Natural Light

Custom patio covers by Oasis Patios allow natural light to filter through, creating a bright and airy outdoor space. This is beneficial if you want to maintain enjoy the sunlight.

Aesthetic Appeal

Glass has a modern and elegant appearance that can enhance the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space. It provides a sleek and contemporary look that complements any style.


Glass allows for unobstructed views of the surrounding environment. If you have a beautiful garden, landscape, or scenic view, a glass patio cover enables you to enjoy it without visual barriers.


High-quality tempered glass used in patio covers is durable and can withstand various weather conditions. It is resistant to rot, pests, and decay, and anything else – we guarantee it!

Low Maintenance

Glass is relatively easy to clean and maintain compared to wood. It doesn't require regular staining or painting, and it is less prone to issues like warping, cracking, or splitting.

Temperature Control

Glass patio covers can help regulate temperature by trapping heat during cooler weather and allowing ventilation during warmer seasons as some options come with UV protection.

Contemporary Design

It offers a wide range of design possibilities for those looking to achieve a modern or contemporary outdoor space. Go frameless or minimalistic for a sleek and sophisticated look.

Energy Efficiency

Designed with energy-efficient features, it helps by reducing heat transfer, keeping the covered area cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, a huge energy Get a FREE quote today!


When properly maintained, glass patio covers by Oasis Patios can have a longer lifespan than some wood options. Glass does not deteriorate over time like wood can - Let's start your custom project.