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Patio Company in Richmond, TX

Our mission is to build incredible living spaces, Oasis Patios is your Patio Company in Richmond, TX

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We're The Experts, Your Patio Company in Richmond, TX

Welcome to Oasis Patios, a premier and Patio Company in Richmond, TX – With over 25 years of experience, our team is transforming outdoor spaces into a haven of sophistication and comfort.

From cozy retreats to spacious entertainment areas, we’re here to make your outdoor living dreams a reality. Trust Oasis Patios for top-quality design and installation, where every detail is crafted with your satisfaction in mind. Our team of skilled professionals at Oasis Patios is dedicated to bringing your vision to life, ensuring that every detail reflects your unique style.

Choose Oasis Patios for an unparalleled experience, where precision meets passion, and your outdoor oasis becomes a reality. Elevate your living space with our Glass Patio Covers today!

Give Your Backyard or Outdoors a New Look by Hiring a…

Patio Company in Richmond, TX

When you look for a patio company in Richmond, TX, you will come across many different options. However, we at Oasis Patios stand ahead of the rest. With over 25 years of experience designing and building stunning custom patios, decks, and outdoor living spaces, Oasis Patios has become Richmond, TX area’s #1 premier custom patio construction company. 

Our team of skilled carpenters and designers can transform your backyard into the oasis you’ve always imagined. We handle projects of any size and style – no patio is too unique for our talented team!

Contacting a Patio Company in Richmond, TX

Locally owned and operated right here in Richmond, TX, we understand the climate, building codes, and lifestyles in Fort Bend County better than any national chain. This allows us to create patios tailored specifically for Richmond area homeowners with the exact features and functions you want. There is no need to think twice before hiring us as your local patio company in Richmond, TX. 

Custom Garden Glass Patio Cover – Mom with children enjoying the deck shade.

From cozy, intimate spaces for two to sprawling entertainment patios outfitted with fireplaces, kitchens and more, we do it all. Our custom design process evaluates how you plan to use your outdoor living area, allowing us to make recommendations on the most suitable materials, placement, and amenities to match your lifestyle and budget.

We take care of the entire project from initial 3D design concept through permitting and construction, so you have one reliable company handling every aspect expertly.

Glass Patio Covers vs Conventional Patios

Installing a glass patio cover provides numerous advantages compared to a traditional open patio design without a roof:

Weather Protection: Glass covers protect you and your furniture/accessories from rain, sun, wind, leaves, pollen, and other elements so you can fully utilize your patio regardless of Texas weather patterns. Retractable screens can provide further control of shade, ventilation, and insects when desired. Our patio cover company in Richmond, TX can help you get the most out of this benefit. 

Temperature Control: Strategically placed roof vents and windows allow hot air to escape while drawing in cooling breezes. Fans, misters, and heaters can also regulate temperatures in covered spaces to expand the seasons you can spend outdoors comfortably.

Best Garden Glass Patio Top in Tomball TX by Oasis Patios
Glass Patio Cover in Richmond, TX

Aesthetic Appeal: Modern glass covers enable natural light to infuse covered areas so plants/trees/flowers thrive. Transparent or translucent roofs maintain visibility of blue skies, stars and moon enhancing relaxation. Covered patios attain an indoor-outdoor great room feel and flow beautifully with interior spaces through large view windows.

Lower Maintenance: Keeping outdoor furniture, appliances, floors, and surfaces shielded cuts regular cleaning chores considerably. Protection from leaves, pollen and rain erosion lessens wear & tear expenses over time as well.

Increased Home Value: Attractive covered patio additions designed for year-round use and entertaining provide one of the highest returns compared to other home upgrade investments, recouping over 70% at resale in the Richmond real estate market according to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report.

Garden Glass Patio Covers in Tomball Texas by Oasis Patio
Glass Patio Cover – Richmond Texas

Why Should You Work with a Custom Patio Company in Richmond, TX?

Given the major impact a covered patio can make in expanding your home’s livable footprint and functionality, it pays to have an expert guide you in creating this valuable asset. Investing in a professionally designed and constructed custom patio brings rewards for years through tailored features that perfectly match your lifestyle dreams, superior workmanship, and hassle-free project management. 

As a reputed patio cover contractor in Richmond, TX, we have the knowledge and resources to handle any vision or site challenge seamlessly. This includes navigating permit applications, sourcing hard-to-find materials, executing intricate builds and finishing details to enhance beauty and durability.

Partnering with a professional team ensures codes and structural integrity requirements are fully met for safety.

As an established local patio company in Richmond, TX completing dozens of satisfied patio projects throughout the area, Oasis Patios welcomes the opportunity to turn your family’s wish list into reality with a custom patio handmade to enjoy for generations. 

Best Glass Patio Covers in Tomball Texas by Oasis Patios
Custom Black Glass Patio by Oasis Patios

We make the entire process smooth and pleasant from first meeting to opening celebration. Our custom patios blend seamlessly into surrounding landscapes and architecture to feel like they have always been there. See for yourself why Oasis Patio clients continually recommend us to neighbors and friends once they experience the outdoor oasis, we create just for them! Feel free to contact our patio enclosure company in Richmond, TX to get more details. 

Weatherproof Your Patio Even with Extreme Texas Temperatures

We all know Texas weather can be unpredictable with raging storms one minute and blazing heat the next. Protecting your patio from temperamental elements is crucial so you can actually use the space you invested in without fleeing for cover at the first gust of wind or downpour.

Oasis Patios constructs weatherproof glass patio covers that stand up to anything nature dishes out in Richmond utilizing the most durable, fortified building materials paired with smart technological add-ons.

Our covered patio frames use resilient metals or wood reinforced for extra strength that won’t warp, crack or erode over decades exposed to the extremes of Richmond’s climate. We integrate sturdy impact glass or acrylic panels that maintain visibility while blocking adverse weather.

Screens can filter sunlight plus keep out insects when enclosed. For total control of your comfort zone, additions like remote-operated adjustable louvered roofs, misting systems, heat lamps, fans or side screens allow air flow modulation. Even ambient music speakers or TVs enhance usability.

Built to withstand hurricane winds up to 120 mph and heavy rainstorms, our covered patio designs handle anything short of a tornado! We ensure appropriate gauges and grommets at stress points, tough waterproof seals, and adequate slope in frame and roof to prevent pooling. Let Oasis Patio’s weatherproof patio systems conquer Richmond’s stormy seasons so you can relax under shelter securely.

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We look forward to transforming your home!

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3 Reasons For Choosing:

Patio Company in Richmond, TX

Oasis Patios can provide insights into the benefits of their services and the suitability of glass patio covers for individual needs.


Weather Resistance

Glass patio covers offer superior protection against the elements. They provide shade during hot, sunny and even rainy days, allowing clients to enjoy their outdoor space comfortably. Reach out and let's start!


Clear Aesthetic Appeal

They create a modern look that complement various architectural styles. The transparency of glass allows for views of the surrounding landscape, making the outdoor area feel open.


Year-Round Usability

It acts as a buffer against both the heat of the Texas sun and occasional rainfall. This means you can use the patios for gatherings, relaxation, or other activities even during any season.

Custom Patio Cover Benefits Nearby

Glass Patio Covers are better than conventional patio covers like, wood, pergolas and more – why?

Natural Light

Custom patio covers by Oasis Patios allow natural light to filter through, creating a bright and airy outdoor space. This is beneficial if you want to maintain enjoy the sunlight.

Aesthetic Appeal

Glass has a modern and elegant appearance that can enhance the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space. It provides a sleek and contemporary look that complements any style.


Glass allows for unobstructed views of the surrounding environment. If you have a beautiful garden, landscape, or scenic view, a glass patio cover enables you to enjoy it without visual barriers.


High-quality tempered glass used in patio covers is durable and can withstand various weather conditions. It is resistant to rot, pests, and decay, and anything else – we guarantee it!

Low Maintenance

Glass is relatively easy to clean and maintain compared to wood. It doesn't require regular staining or painting, and it is less prone to issues like warping, cracking, or splitting.

Temperature Control

Glass patio covers can help regulate temperature by trapping heat during cooler weather and allowing ventilation during warmer seasons as some options come with UV protection.

Contemporary Design

It offers a wide range of design possibilities for those looking to achieve a modern or contemporary outdoor space. Go frameless or minimalistic for a sleek and sophisticated look.

Energy Efficiency

Designed with energy-efficient features, it helps by reducing heat transfer, keeping the covered area cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, a huge energy Get a FREE quote today!


When properly maintained, glass patio covers by Oasis Patios can have a longer lifespan than some wood options. Glass does not deteriorate over time like wood can - Let's start your custom project.